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Attract a lot more birds with a lot less money!Attract a lot more birds with a lot less money!
Your neighbors will be amazed at all the birds that flock to your yard. And you'll be amazed at how simple and inexpensive it is
to attract them! Find out which seeds, suet, nuts, berries, and smart yard plantings work BEST — and the best ways to "serve them up" to attract birds like a magnet.
Increase the number and variety of visitors to your backyard!
Find out which seeds
work like magic to
attract colorful birds
up close, plus how to
make special treats like
homemade bird dough to entice hard-to-
attract birds likeorioles, waxwings, and thrashers.
It's easy to attract Cardinals! They're nuts for the treat on page 30!Make your yard one that feeds the birds all by itself!
The secret is strategically placed plants.
A few surprising annuals, perennials, and shrubs can attract birds and save you
money on bird food. You?ll be amazed at
the types of plants birds like best!
Quickly identify your feathered friends before they dart away!
You?ll also get a stunning photo gallery of
the 50 most popular birds and easy ID
tips. You?ll learn their top picks for foods
and feeders and gain fascinating insight
into behavior and migration patterns, so
you can prepare for each bird?s arrival!
Secrets of Backyard Bird-Feeding Success
is overflowing with
all the hints, tips, and shortcuts you need to feed, protect, and
care for all birds that call your yard their home in the winter,
spring, summer, and fall!
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